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Spruisty Packhorse Bridge – Community Project 2009 - 2012

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Members will recall our joint project with Knox Valley Residents’ Association (2009 – 2012) to lift all the stone setts on the footway and refurbish the oak bollards across Spruisty Bridge and the magnificent support from the community and other sponsors. We were indebted for the practical and technical input from Ringway Infrastructure Services. Time capsules were buried on both sides of the bridge containing Diamond Jubilee coins and a written record of this once-in-a-lifetime project. A freestanding plaque was erected in August 2013 to recognise the contribution made by so many sponsors.

The bridge is a Grade II Listed Structure with stonework dating from about 1650 AD although a bridge has been recorded here as far back as 1400 AD when the monks of Fountains Abbey had “a rude shelter beside the ford at Knox” which they used for refuge when crossing the Forest of Knaresborough.

The team is very grateful to Mr Mark Smith M.D. of H.A.C.S. for his kind donation of a suitably weathered stone plinth to mount the memorial plaque which puts the finishing touches to the project.